Is Protein Powder Good for Pregnancy

Is Protein Powder Good for Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a challenging phase for every mother and they have to overcome each trimester carefully. Intake of proteins were good for health, usually at the time of pregnancy it is very essential because during pregnancy period the protein requirements for your body will get increase. It is necessary to consume more protein while pregnant and you need to take protein-rich foods every day. Those who are vegan or not like to eat meat then they can prefer protein powder to increase the protein levels for meeting the requirement.

Preferring protein powder is a best option as it is a good source of protein also it contains other vital nutrients too. Anyhow, few doubts will arise in your mind as using protein powder during pregnancy is safe or not because of some additives present in it. Choosing the best protein powder for pregnancy which are safe to use and with that you can get required amount of proteins.

Amount of protein needed while pregnant

When undergoing the pregnancy trimester, the need of protein will get increases gradually and there will be high protein requirement especially during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. The growth of baby will take place at the time of second and third trimester so at that time need to consume more proteins to meet the requirement. Before taking protein it is necessary to know the amount to consume whereas the protein requirement differs for every pregnant woman. The amount of protein to consume on daily basis will base on the body weight of pregnant women and by nourishing the right amount of protein helps to gain gestational body weight properly.

Is Protein Powder Good for Pregnancy


The rule of thumb is to know the amount of protein to consume during pregnancy. To know the protein amount to consume have to multiply the body weight of the pregnant women it kilograms with 1.2 to get the protein amount in grams. This is applicable for second trimester while for third trimester of pregnancy has to multiply the body weight with 1.5 as at this phase protein requirement will be higher. While 1,2 and 1,5 are not just numbers, they denote the protein in grams need per kilogram of body weight per day at the time of early and late pregnancy.

Consume protein powder when pregnant after consulting with doctor

Commonly, athletes will use protein powder to boost their protein levels for building muscle and dieters also use protein powder to reduce carbohydrates

While these protein powders were not appropriate for pregnant women to use because they may contain artificial sweeteners like saccharin which is not good for fetus. Some protein powders contains herbs such as ginger, licorice root, chamomile and much more for performance enhancement and this may affect the fetal hormones.

Yet there are some bands of protein powders which were made only from proteins like casein, soy and whey while these can preferre as a protein supplement to consume in pregnancy period. Those who were allergic to dairy products can prefer other organic protein powder which is safe to use in pregnancy. Before taking protein powder as a supplement it is good to consult with your doctor to know which protein powder is good to use at the time of pregnancy and can know the kind that is suitable for you to consume. Through consulting with the doctor can learn the right protein powder to consume during pregnancy and with that you and your will be on safer side also can meet the protein requirements as well.

What are the things need to consider when buying protein powder during pregnancy?

Prefer best protein powder for pregnancy, so that you can be safe and there will be no harm to your fetus. Since, there are many brands in protein powder and you may get confuse as to choose which one to use when pregnant. There are some considerations while buying protein powder.

  • Avoid the protein powder brands that contain caffeine and excess vitamins as the caffeine intake must be low when pregnant and getting excessive vitamins also harmful sometimes.
  • Protein powders with artificial sweetener were not suitable for pregnant women and mainly not use protein powder that contain saccharin. In order to be safe should stay away from all artificial sweeteners and the protein powders made by using them.
  • Not to prefer the protein powders with fillers and flavoring agents.
  • Check the source from which the protein powder is manufactured and look at the ingredients too. It is good to consume protein powder which is organic and prefer best brand in it.


Is Protein Powder Good for Pregnancy

Best protein powders to consume in pregnancy

Ora Organic So Lean So Clean Protein Powder

Ora Organic So Lean So Clean Protein Powder is very popular among pregnant women and nursing moms for their taste and clean. It is a great choice and contains basic protein supplements and has no added sugars or ingredients that harm pregnancy or kids. It is dairy, gluten and soy free and Non-GMO too. In addition, it is completely organic and it is highly safe for kids also.

Boobie Body Prenatal Protein Powder

Boobie Body Prenatal Protein Powder is specially made for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It contains with clean ingredients which make them safe to use. It has whey protein and contains soy lecithin to prevent from clogged ducts and mastitis. Prenatal vitamins, minerals and nutrients also present in it.

Levels Grass Fed Protein Powder

This is well-known for their flavor as they made with real flavor ingredients also includes cold-pressed cacao and monk fruit extract. It is made by sourcing grass-fed whey. It is not of much cost as their price is very reasonable.

Majka Lactation Support Protein Powder

Majka Lactation Support Protein Powder is made with organic clean ingredients. It makes use of healthy sweeteners and it is non-GMO. It contains methylfolate and it is an active form of folate so that it can be metabolized easily whereas folate is a critical nutrient for the brain of growing baby also it contains another vital brain- nutrient choline. Besides, it aslo offers great taste too.