Claire Aves Profile

Claire Aves Profile


Claire Aves Profile

What got you into fitness modelling?

I have always been very fit and active. I used to play football, go an athletics club, swim and do trampolining. As i got older I realised fitness was becoming a passion and having qualified as a fitness instructor when i was 17, I taught my own step and aerobic classes. I looked at other fitness models/ athletes and realised I wanted to do the same and to show people they can be fit and healthy and look good.

How often do you work out?

I work out 5/6 times a week with a mix of gym sessions, boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jui jitsu.

Boxing and BJJ: tell us more?

I was training in the gym 5 times a week and it was too much of a routine and to be honest a bit boring. A friend of mine last year took part in a boxing models fight night and said I should take part as I would really enjoy it and be good at it. I have been training since April and love every minute of it – it is a brilliant way to keep fit. It’s good for CV, toning and conditioning and gives a complete full body work out with the FUN factor. Every workout is different so it keeps things interesting.

I box train about three times a week sometimes four. I have a fight on 08th November and as I don’t have very long now I’m training really hard.

I also got into wrestling about a year ago and attend at least one wrestling class a week. This is mainly for fitness but we do internship competitions which keeps it lively and fun. I also do about two Brazilian Jui Jitsu sessions a week and I recently competed for Slam Promotions models fight night which was hosted by Jodie Marsh. There were 10 models including myself at a venue in London’s Bloomsbury Square. It was a brilliant night and as I enjoyed BJJ so much I’m still training weekly.

Claire Aves Profile

Wow! Ok besides boxing, wrestling and BJJ i hear you are a performer can you please enlighten me?

I do stilt walking, freestyle dancing, angle grinding and fire performing. I really like to play with fire and can eat it, body burn and throw it about! I do many events around the UK and abroad including corporate events, private parties, weddings, festivals and nightclubs. I have a big following and I have been running my own entertainments company DNA Entertainment ( for  five years. We produced stage shows at our first body building show Hercules Olympia in May 2012 and it was really something different – everyone loved it!

So apart from fighting and playing with fire i hear your doing your Level 3 Personal training course?

That’s right, I am!  I’m now training to be a personal trainer as I thought it was time to help others and use my skills with them and help them to achieve their ultimate goals. I had my little girl 7 years ago now and I want to help expecting mothers and post natal mothers to stay in shape or get back in shape after birth. I also want to help people with all aspects of health and fitness whether that be lose/gain weight, improve  muscle tone, build muscle or just improve their general fitness i believe. I have the all the skills to do this!

What would be a typical weeks training for you?

Ok on a general basic week:

  • Monday- Boxing and BJJ training
  • Tuesday – Gym training
  • Wednesday- Boxing in the morning, gym session and BJJ training
  • Thursday – Boxing Training
  • Friday – Gym session
  • Saturday – Boxing training

Your diet; you must have a strict diet to stay in amazing shape?

I don’t follow a diet plan as such – I like to stick to healthy eating and dislike the term diet. I adapt my eating to suit what training I’m doing. If I’m doing more weights and gym based work I up my protein but if I’m doing more fitness, boxing and jujitsu training I keep my complex carbs high to fuel my body.

A typical day looks something like this…

  • Breakfast: bowl of oats with cinnamon, maybe a few eggs or protein drink.
  • Mid morning: fruit & nuts, or a cereal bar
  • Lunch: chicken salad or a healthy sandwich
  • Mid afternoon: oatcakes or rice cakes / maybe some fruit
  • Dinner: Lean Lamb or beef mince, brown rice, vegetables or homemade taco’s a few times a week.

I try to drink plenty of water especially during training and I also have the occasionally hot chocolate and sneaky cookie. I am still human so a sneaky treat will not hurt if you stay focused on your training.

So what are goals? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am aiming to further my boxing career and train hard to get into the Olympics in Rio; this would be amazing! I’d also like to build a big enough client base to be able to hire my own team of personal trainers to work under the Claire Aves Fitness; this is my ultimate goal. I’d love to get a lot of coverage and help my business grow to the maximum.

Ok thank you for talking to us Claire , have you got anything else you would like to add, website links etc? 

Yes – My fight night is 08th November 2012 @ Coronet Elephant and Castle London if you would like to buy tickets they are £50 ringside and £35 outside ring. Please visit my facebook page

You can also view all my recent fight nights, upcoming fight information, tips and advice and modelling photos. You can also drop me a message if you would like any advice from me.

My website address is and it’s it is currently under construction but will be up and running very soon.

My email address is [email protected]